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Remote Work Has Changed Our Home Needs, Does Your Home Now Need to Change Too?

Even though many companies have had their employees head back to work, a lot of have made the switch to making remote working part of their company environment and due to that many homeowners have realized that they now need a more permanent space to set up their home office.

Some homes can adapt, and a spare room or basement remodel can easily accommodate a new office space but for most their homes were already at capacity before the pandemic hit and they simply do not have the room to add a “dedicated office space.”

Before the pandemic only about 21% of the population worked from home and now that number has shot up to almost 40% and is continually growing.

The ability to be full time remote has opened a lot of doors for people when it comes to real estate that they didn’t realize we buy houses orland park. Without having to consider a commute you now can move to essentially anywhere whether that be to a lower cost living area or to your dream location.